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Probably your biggest challenge to obtaining financial freedom is DISCOURAGEMENT. You will have found an opportunity you have spent a lot of time analyzing and you can see yourself tearing it up! You see yourself become the opportunities new rising star. You go over the opportunity over and over and you are sure you found your way to financial freedom. You are sure you found the BEST opportunity!

So you dive in, work hard to get it going then you contact your friends and family to tell them about this awesome opportunity you want to share with them! You have hopes of being their leader and showing them the way to financial freedom, then… the taunting begins. You have only cast your pearl before swines. “That is one of those “Pyriamid things!” That is a big RIP-OFF! I have done those before. They don’t work.” You hear it every time, from every person you pitch.

I even have people wait until they have an audience and then come to me and say, “So, Denver…(At this point I know what is coming) how much money have you made with your big company you started?” They will ask this even only a week after you start a new business. With a huge smirk on their face they can barely hold back their laughter waiting for you to answer, “None yet.” Just know, he who laughs last, laughs the hardest.

It is best to ignore people like that and to remove them from your life. Sometimes this is not possible if they are family, or co-workers at a job you have to continue to work until you get your business going strong. In that case it is still best to remove yourself from the presence of the taunting. But sometimes it is impossible, and as human nature would have it, sometimes you can not help but to strike back.

I will tell you a few ways I answer smug comments when I get weak (Yes, WEAK. It takes a much bigger person to ignore critics, and even continue to wish good things for them in the process). So in those moments of weakness, I sometimes make the following points. And I do make points with my answers, I do not simply slam the person back.

1. Q:So, how much money has your “Big Opportunity” made you?”

A: “You know “Insert Name here”, it is a good thing you desire to be an employee all your life. Your question shows you do not understand business. A business is built over time, it is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. It seems you would be vulnerable to those types of schemes, so it is best you stay an employee.”

2. Q: “You spent how much to get into that scam?”

A: “I made an investment into my business, as anyone who owns a business must. Let me make this point, take the money I spent on my business months ago. I know where it is. It is in my business. I have a business to show for it that I continue to grow. Where is $XXX of your money you had that same day I invested mine? Can you show me anything you have to show for it?”

Chances are that your taunter spent his money as fast as it came in, and can’t even tell you where it went.

3. “That’s one of those pyramid things.”

A: “Every job is a “Pyramid thing”. Your employer has a president/CEO, right? Then there is a manager below him who makes less money than he does, right? Then probably another manager making less than him. Then you and others are under that manager making less money, right?”

If the taunter is a commission based employee, when he makes money, and when his co-workers make money, chances are his boss gets a bonus and makes more money and so on up the “Pyramid”. It is all the same in that aspect. But here is the big difference. An employee rarely is paid for money that his peers make. An employee is at the bottom of the “Pyramid” and always will be without someone above him GIVING him a higher position. In a Direct Sales company, you earn your own promotions, and make money off the efforts of your downline just like a CEO would off the performance of his employees. 

Now, even though I gave examples of common debates I get into, I am in NO WAY condoning that you do the same. It is ALWAYS best to just ignore the taunting and stay focused realizing that your taunter is speaking out of ignorance, or they will never be anything other than an employee. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Some people just are not made to be a business owner, so they will never understand someone who is. Some of the previous comeback examples are not to slam your taunter, but to re-enforce in you, that you know what you are doing when you realized an opportunity.

Chances are, you will run into someone who has tried a Direct Sales company and failed, since 95% of those who join do. But remember, that is not the fault of the Direct Sales Business model, it is the failure of the franchisee who did not do the right things to be successful. If Direct Sales did not work, there would be no one in it, and there would be no one making money in it.

You sometimes will even get discouraged by your up-line (If in a Direct Sales Company like I am) for not being there for you. Still, you have to remember, you are responsible for YOU. That’s it! The successful people in life have had to overcome harsh criticism, taunting, and periods of failure. You will be surprised sometimes how quickly those who have crawled out from the bottom to become a huge success, forgets what it was like for someone like you just starting out. It WILL happen. Know this, and prepare to overcome it. Remove those people who continually make you feel like a loser, and only surround yourself with those who know you are going to make it big someday.

Fortunately a good Direct Sales business is all about team work. It does not benefit the up-line if they do not help their downline become successful. That is another benefit of not being an employee where your co-workers often are your competition, not your allies.

Keep your head on your goals, and keep pressing forward with that vision that God blessed you with.


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Written by Denver Harris

Denver Harris

Network Marketer/Entrepreneur

Health and Prosperity to you!

- Denver Harris


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